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Suddenly Single

Four out of ten marriages in Canada today end in divorce. Add to that common-law unions that end in separation and the population of single people is rising at an astounding rate.

While divorce and separation are often the appropriate solution, there can be no doubt that they result in profound changes in the lives of everyone in the family. For women, divorce often results in a lowered standard of living for themselves and their children. Moving from the family home, finding a better paying job, relocating the children in child care or school all represent emotional and personal challenges, even as they present new opportunities.

When my 22-year relationship came to an end, I found myself facing these issues, as I struggled to pay the bills and do the work once shared by two.

But as my clients have discovered, there are rewards as well. Realizing their strengths, learning they can “do it all”, finding out what they love, not just what they are supposed to do for others, has opened the door to richer, more satisfying lives.

As your coach, I will help you to discover your resilience, strength, and dreams as you step into your new life.