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Why Coaching?

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve found yourself increasingly burdened by your job, your financial and personal responsibilities, and even your family and relationships.   You think you’re coping, but the reality is that all these responsibilities are weighing you down.  Even though there’s lots about your life that you love, you feel  stuck.   Your day to day routines leave you feeling trapped, unable to imagine anything different, despite the nagging feeling that something is wrong.

This is where coaching comes in!

In contrast to therapy, which often focuses on the past, coaching is present and future oriented. Coaches seldom ask “why” questions. How you got here is, at the end of the day, unimportant. It’s what you long for and what you’re prepared to commit to that matter.

A coach is a companion, a witness, an agent provocateur, a guide, and an accountability agent. Trained in the art of deep listening, intuition, and powerful questioning, a coach supports you in creating the life you long for.

I became a coach because coaching changed my life

The first time I went to a coach, I was completely overwhelmed by my life – and most of all, I hated my job. I felt trapped, constricted, with no way out.

I will never forget our first encounter.

“What do you love about your job,” my coach asked me.

“The view out my office window,” I said, without hesitation – my office was on the 22nd floor of the Arts Tower, looking out upon the Gatineau Hills across the Ottawa River.

“And the fact that I can work at home a lot,” I added, without awareness of the apparent contradiction.

Not the most auspicious or promising start!

But through regular meetings – coupled with homework assignments and accountability sessions – I was able to take solid steps towards regaining control over my working life.

What’s more, my coaching work rubbed off on the people I supervised, as I encouraged them to take responsibility for their own jobs and lives. I spent less time hiding in my office, pretending I wasn’t in, and more time getting things done, and enjoying the time I did spend with my colleagues.

It also rubbed off on life with my family and friends.

Coaching can help you cope with the life you’re facing and  live the life you long for.  To learn more, contact me for a free sample session.