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Jump-starting a New Career

In our parents’ generation, most people stayed in the same career throughout their working lives. Today, such loyalty is seen as a lack of initiative or an unwillingness to take risks. According to Statistics Canada, 20% of workers changed jobs in 2012, with approximately 80% of job openings being the result of workplace mobility.

For many people, a career change offers the opportunity to reinvent their lives. Defining values, strengths, aspirations, and sources of satisfaction are key elements of finding or creating the right job. I work with people who are tired of the “same old, same old.”

As one of my clients reflected, “I realized I am the leader who helps people see the greatness that is within each of them.” After an extensive job search coupled with contract work, she found a position that let her be the kind of leader she is meant to be!

I want to work with you to create the work life you desire!