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Facing Aging and Illness

Life and death are of the utmost importance.
Time passes swiftly and opportunity is lost.
Let us awaken, awaken.
Do not squander your life.
– Buddhist chant
Being with someone who is elderly or sick or dying is not simply a matter of logistics (though I know all too well that there are many logistical issues to be resolved). It’s not a matter of making lists and delegating chores and maintaining the status quo.

It is about facing what for many of us is our most profound fear – the fear of death. Facing it because the people we love need us to be fully present with them. Facing it because our relationships and our lives will be forever transformed if we can conquer our fear of death.

The rewards for choosing openness were huge.

  • Deep intimacy
  • Precious moments with the people you love
  • And in the end, a grieving process unimpeded by regret

In the past twenty years, I have supported hundreds of people as they faced the loss of someone they loved, through my role as a hospice volunteer, as a friend, and as a coach.

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