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About Katherine

Katherine Arnup loves helping people to confront the challenges in their lives, to believe in themselves and in their power to create the life they want. Compassionate, courageous, intuitive, and full of humour, Katherine is a powerful advocate, companion, and champion for men and women seeking to show up fully in their lives.

Katherine came to coaching the way she has done everything in her life – from a powerful need to change her life.  A respected and accomplished professor, author, and university administrator, she felt trapped in never-ending meetings, university politics, and emails. At 58, her children launched and her mortgage paid off, her parents and beloved sister dead, she knew it was time for a dramatic change in her life. She just didn’t know what that might look like.

Working with a certified coach enabled Katherine to clarify her passions and strengths to discover her pathway and to find the courage to leave a job she no longer loved. By challenging her deep-seated fears, believing in her gifts, and taking baby steps as well as giant leaps, Katherine found her calling.  Today, she is a certified professional coach focused on helping people through all sorts of transitions and a recognized expert writing and speaking on issues related to loss, aging and dying and its impact on families and communities.

Katherine has felt loss and its impact first-hand.  Despite a profound fear of death, she became her sister’s caregiver, confidante, and advocate when she was dying of cancer at the age of 51. The experience was life-changing – Katherine recognized the importance of being present and showing up for the more challenging experiences of life.  The loss of her sister led to hospice training and volunteering each week for more than fifteen years at a residential hospice.   Katherine has sat with countless families and friends as they experience the sadness and struggle of losing loved ones.  She is a passionate advocate for providing dignified and caring support for dying people and their families.

Katherine has been a university drop-out, a hippie, a grade one teacher, a graduate student and a university professor.   She is a family caregiver, a mother, a grandmother, a Buddhist, a late-in-life wife, a guitar player, and a recent convert to the ukulele.

Katherine began teaching university students in 1987, first in the History Department at Trent University and then in the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton University beginning in 1992. She taught both undergraduate and graduate students, returning in her final decade at Carleton to working with first year students. She also served as the Director of the Institute of Women’s Studies and the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at Carleton. Her love of and skill at teaching and mentoring are reflected in the supportive way she coaches her clients at Life Changes Coaching.

She published her latest book in April 2015: “I don’t have time for this!” A compassionate guide to caring for your parents and yourself. It’s available in local Ottawa bookstores and online at Chapters and and directly from Katherine.